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Pros Make Ready Sanitizing Services, LLC

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We offer services to a very diverse group of people thanks to our business model. People from all walks of life, including business, residential, commercial, personal, and HVAC systems, work with us.

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Sanitizing/Disinfecting Services

Call the sanitizing and disinfecting business that offers a service that goes BEYOND Clean-100% Sanitized and Safe for YOU —PROS Make Ready Cleaning Services.

Our Services

Call (405) 777-3216

Although we have been in the cleaning business since 1993, we were founded as an independent company in October 2019. We stand out from other cleaning services thanks to our dedication to excellence and commitment to giving our customers peace of mind.

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Our electrostatic fogger system offers 360-degree coverage and uses a hospital-grade disinfectant to get rid of all traces of bacteria, allergens, viruses, mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors.

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