The recent devastating storms spawned a need for qualified tradesman to repair and rebuild roofs. Every roofer will be in high demand, and there is a great need to get things done as quickly as possible. The Oklahoma State and Moore Home Builders have been inundated by calls from out-of-state contractors wanting to know how they could “buy in” to the Oklahoma “Certified Builder” designation.

  1. Can you give me referrals? Don’t hesitate to call these satisfied customers.
  2. Where is the roofer located? Get a local address. An out-of-state roofer may not be reachable in a year for repairs or warranty work.
  3. Will the roofer properly replace the flue collars, decking, sheathing and shingles? If not you may have leaks which we will note on our report.
  4. What Roof Certifications does the roofer have? The top roofers have certifications such as the HAAG Residential Roof Certification.
  5. Will the roofer provide the “Dec” sheet from their general liability insurance? This is the least amount/type of insurance a contractor should have