There are a number of contractors in the remodeling and rebuild trades. How do you know which one to choose based on skills and costs?

First of all, they should all have experience and photos of the work they have finished. Secondly, they should be able to give you 3 references. Thirdly, they should be able to give you a tight estimate of costs and time.

Large projects require a general contractor to direct and supervise the different skill areas. A remodeler is similar but specialized in areas such as converting a window to a door, installing a fence, and bathroom remodels. A handyman is for projects such as drywall repairs, refurbishing doors and cabinets, installing a fan, repairing outside areas such as damaged soffits and deteriorating fascia board.

If you are in doubt, email the Guild and we can assist you in choosing one of our customer service oriented contractors. Click here for a quick form to save you time on finding a contractor.