A restoration contractor should provide more solutions, equipment and resources for smoke and soot removal and water extraction to complete reconstruction. They should have a 24-hour hotline because if you need someone for emergency damage at your at 3AM you need them ASAP.
A restoration team should have a safe and effective biohazard cleaning service. Their technicians need to have years of experience in providing disinfection and sanitizing cleaning services.
Fire damage to your property will create the unmistakable smell of smoke and soot gets on everything. Both things need an effective smoke damage cleanup and soot removal team to start on the property.
When there is flood damage to your structure, it requires professional water damage training and the use of specialized instruments. The restoration company should have the necessary equipment and specialist knowledge so there are no further problems. Drying your home or office is a scientific process so do not try it yourself— call a professional water removal service.
Make sure the restoration team is licensed general contractors for your disaster recovery needs. The reconstruction or repair of damaged property is important after any structure loss.